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We have developed our own product line that is suitable for every skin type. None of our products contain parabens or paraffin. Try it out today and draw everyone’s attention!

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Love your body, and feel comfortable in your skin with the help of our specialized massage treatments!
Are your legs ready for the summer?

Say goodbye to cellulite and fat deposits, we are here to fight them for you.

Let’s face it: Fat deposits, cellulite, water retention, and heavy legs are the problems every woman occasionally has. How many times you wanted to wear your little black dress but your legs just weren’t ready? Our fast life, the rigorous daily routine, and our unbalanced eating habits lead to the formation of more and more fat deposits in our body. And not everyone has time for long gym season.
Our solution is the Madero massage – a traditional form of therapy from Colombia that successfully fights fat deposits. The affected areas are processed directly with specially made wood tools. By pressing the wooden tools, cellulite and fat deposits are decomposed. Besides esthetic perks such as leaner legs, Madero massage helps circulation and it naturally stimulates the metabolism in the long run. The first results are visible after only a few treatments.

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Wir von Tera Beauty denken immer einen Schritt weiter. Deshalb haben wir unsere eigenen natürlichen Produkte entwickelt, die wir bei unseren Behandlungen einsetzen können.Eines dieser Produkte ist ein innovatives Gel, das uns hilft, die Problemzonen unserer Kundinnen schneller und effizienter zu beseitigen. Schon nach einer Behandlung fühlt und sieht man den Unterschied. Kundinnen, die es probiert haben, lieben es.



Body shaping



Body shaping


Transform your body

We are here to help you release negative energy and rebalance your body. Tera Beauty is a way to rediscover your full beauty naturally!

  • Achieve your full potential
  • Get the perfect summer body
  • Strengthen and tone the muscles
  • Efficiently fight cellulite
  • Be strong. Be fit. Enjoy life


T E R A  B E A U T Y



We are here to help you release negative energy and rebalance your body.

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